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As a member of The Skiff you'll join a community of over 130 freelancers, remote workers and micro businesses who have found a better place to work than their homes.

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Get stuff done

It's amazing how much more productive you can be when you're surrounded by other smart, hard working people from a range of disciplines.

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Just 5 minutes walk from Brighton station, The Skiff's light airy meeting rooms are the perfect place to invite your clients from near and far.

Attend free events

You can learn loads from your peers at The Skiff. Hone your writing, design, marketing and coding skills at lunch-time, evening and weekend events.

Spot opportunities

When you spend time with a diverse community of coworkers serendipity gets accelerated, boosting your business in ways you couldn't imagine.

The Skiff isn't just a workplace for me, it's also a community and a second home! Working at the Skiff makes me back the money I spend on it in terms of my productivity, getting work contacts, getting business questions answered and being able to collaborate with others.

Ellen de Vries, The Copy House

We've been using meeting rooms at the skiff for fortnightly planning days, workshops and client meetings for years now. It's a friendly, professional space, bright and clean, and our team and clients love it.

Tom Hume, Future Platforms

We love using the space for our evening meet-ups, it's convenient because it's so central and we can make ourselves at home.

Seb Lee-Delisle, dotBrighton

12% of my income in 2011/2012 was work for other members of The Skiff, 50% was work from Skiff Mate recommendations.

Martine Scott, Puree Design

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