Sponsors Supporters of The Skiff

For over a decade The Skiff operated sustainably purely with revenue from paying members. Then the pandemic happened.

We survived thanks to over 100 members continuing to pay even while they couldn't use our space. We also received the maximum discretionary support grants from Brighton & Hove City Council and took on a Bounce Back Loan.

All that wasn't quite enough to get us comfortably into 2022.

Thankfully over 30 people including members, past members and people who had never been members before responded to our call for sponsorship. We use their funding to keep The Skiff open and support The Skiff's Inclusivity Membership Programme. This has so far allowed us to support 15 applicants with three months of free or heavily-reduced membership.

We have more applicants that need support. Your sponsorship can help them and help ensure The Skiff has a long-term future. You can:

Book Your Tour

You'll get shown around by a current member. They'll give you their honest perspective on working at The Skiff.

You can stay on after your tour for a free trial.