Take a break from working alone.

Get the technical, creative & unconventional coworkers you always wanted.

The Skiff is Brighton's oldest dedicated coworking space. We don't do private offices or discounts for teams - we're all about creating the best work space for individuals like you.
Rated 5 stars in 49 Google reviews
"The Skiff is the 3rd co-coworking space I've worked in and by far it's my favourite. The people are very kind and welcoming."
Pierre Monnerville
Founder, Monnerville

A home for your work

The Engine Room

Too many offices feel sterile, stuffy or a little too stylish.

They strive to be perfect, professional or plush but fail to reflect the people who work there. When you join The Skiff, you become a Skiffmate and the space becomes your office and your clubhouse.

You can play a part in making it feel like it's a space you can call your own. 

If you want to turn a blank wall into an art exhibition you are welcome to do it. If you want to change the layout of the tables please give it a try. Something missing that you think should exist in the space? Make a case for one to be purchased on the group mailing list.

The best and longest-lasting improvements to The Skiff have been collaborations between two or three Skiffmates. 

The Skiffmates Mess

You can choose to work in The Skiff's dedicated social space but you should expect to be disturbed.

It's nicest when there are no laptops or phone calls but we don't enforce that. We usually have a couple of organised gatherings per week in here:
  • Pastries
  • Drinks
  • BYO Lunches.
  • Loads of spontaneous activity too.
Listen out for the bells. 🔔🔔 

Help yourself to tea and coffee (just refill the pot if you empty it). Use it as you would your own kitchen.

The Sail Loft

When you need to escape the buzz of The Engine Room this is a quiet space with no phone calls.

🤫 📵 Say no more.

The Cabin Meeting Room

When it's not booked members are free to use meeting rooms for telephone calls and informal meetings at no charge.
  • Room for up to 10 people
  • Ideal for workshops and training sessions
  • Large TV screen with AppleTV for presentations
  • Podcasting booth for when you need better acoustics 

Phone Booths

We all need to take calls sometimes. The Skiff has a few places to tuck yourself away if you need some privacy.

Big Desks

Big screens on every desk, proper workstation chairs and plenty of space to spread out your work. You can be just as productive as you are at home.

"I had been working from home for about a year and I was scarily close to going crazy. One day I realised I hadn’t spoken to another human being in 48 hours and that’s when I knew I needed to shake things up. After researching a few co-working spaces, I decided The Skiff’s laidback atmosphere and vibrant social scene was exactly what I needed."

Lizzie Davey
Skiffmate since November 2016

When I moved to Brighton for my partner's job, working from home wasn't working for me.

I joined The Skiff because the people are friendly. I hoped it would be a way to start feeling connected to the city, to feel like it was a place I belonged not just a place I slept and went to the shops. The Skiff did all that for me and more.

I remained a member for years because of the motivation of the people that run The Skiff. They do it because they want an inclusive place like The Skiff to exist - it's not about the money.

Jack Garfinkel
Skiffmate since September 2018

"I choose The Skiff to work from as the focus is on individual coworkers.

Other spaces make most money from private office space. The office users inevitably end up using co-working space as their coffee shop/meeting space. That makes it hard for us freelancers to get any real work done.

At The Skiff we have a separate social space we can hang out in when we want a break from deep work."

Matt Oakes
Skiffmate since January 2017

"I was dismayed that I couldn't find any serviced offices or a coworking space in Haywards Heath."

Thomas Buck
Skiffmate since October 2017

"The Skiff seems unique in offering a more inclusive and collaborative experience."

Andy Mattock
Skiffmate since November 2015

"The space is dedicated to freelancers, not small businesses, so we don't get crowded out or treated like 2nd-class members as can happen in other Brighton co-working spaces."

Margaret Ousby
Skiffmate since January 2017

"I was working from home, and sometimes upstairs all day in the Jubilee library."

Cath Lloyd
Skiffmate since November 2014

"The folk are friendly techies & creatives, and you can find out what they do at the weekly Show & Tell, which are fund and educational."

Conrad Brunner
Skiffmate since January 2017

"Since day one of joining The Skiff I have always felt like a part of the community. I never once felt like I need to keep myself to myself, so I go there to work from somewhere different. Its inclusivity honestly sparks a sense of freedom that allows creativity and focus that I have been unable to find anywhere else."

Jack Tracy
Skiffmate since March 2019

"I joined The Skiff after looking at 5 other co-working spaces.

It is in the best location in Brighton. It has the best hours of opening - no 9to5 nonsense. And it has the best value for money.

Best all round!"

Mark Willett
Skiffmate since October 2018

“I joined in 2012 just after my eldest son was born. I was a former art student who had turned into a web designer.

It was clear from day one that The Skiff was special. Being around developers and creators in The Skiff gave me the confidence to start learning coding and new technologies. It ultimately came to define my business.

A chance encounter in The Skiff led to making and publishing games.

Would any of that happened without The Skiff? Maybe. But I’m not so sure as the first half of my career developed much slower without the chance encounters, inspiring conversations, tips and tricks that come from working around Skiffmates.”

Stuart Wallace
Skiffmate since April 2012

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