Stewardship The people who are responsible for The Skiff

While The Skiff doesn't have any full-time staff it does have a handful of people who are ultimately responsible for it. The help keep The Skiff on the right course. From making sure emails get answered to keeping an eye on cash flow.

The Skiff is in the process of becoming member-owned. Over 130 long-term Skiffmates currently own just over 14% of The Skiff Ltd. Two of our six board members represent Skiffmates interests. The Skiff's cofounders Jonathan and Anna Markwell own just under 43%. And just under 43% is owned by Wired Sussex Ltd which is a not-profit organisation setup by the local digital community. More ownership is granted to members each spring at no cost to them. In the long term, it is our intention that members of The Skiff will collectively own and control the largest stake in The Skiff.

The following people form The Skiff's management team:
  • Anna Markwell
  • Jonathan Markwell
  • Phil Jones

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